QUERI is seeking nominations from VISN leadership and National Program Offices for time sensitive, rapid-response projects that require implementation (i.e., knowledge translation) planning, evaluation, or training support. The goal is to provide short-term support to help optimize a program or policy for VISN-wide or national implementation.

VA's Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) is a national program devoted to rapid implementation of effective practices using implementation and quality improvement (QI) methods. QUERI funds QI programs across VA, providing implementation and evaluation support on key VA priorities, including opioid safety, suicide prevention, access, patient safety, MISSION Act, and EHRM.

Projects need to be achievable in a 3- to 9-month time frame and meet the specified criteria. Projects aligned with the following cross-cutting priorities, which were identified by VA leadership as items that "keep them awake at night", will be prioritized for support.

  1. Hire faster and more competitively: improve workforce recruitment, onboarding, and retention of VA employees and trainees
  2. Connect Veterans to the soonest and best care: reduce direct care wait times and community care appointment scheduling times by improving clinical availability and scheduling
  3. Promote a culture of safety, learning, and knowledge translation: implement and evaluate programs focused on innovation, psychological safety, zero harm, and manager/leader training
  4. Prevent Veteran suicide: prevent Veteran suicide using a public health approach (e.g., outside the clinic walls, partnerships with community service organizations)
  5. Serve Veterans with military and environmental exposures: improve quality of care, including the identification and management of symptoms among Veterans with military and environmental exposures
  6. Reduce Veteran homelessness: ensure more at-risk and underserved Veterans receive early interventions, partnerships and supportive services to avoid homelessness
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